The property market in Cuba: a big business?

The real estate market in Cuba is considered one of the best in the world to invest Does the downside? Most foreigners, especially Americans, are excluded from this potentially lucrative business.

But well they say who made the rule, made the trap. There are always ways in which investors can avoid all the bureaucracy and obstacles to gain a space in the booming real estate market in Cuba.

Foreigners have developed ways to get hold securities on behalf of figureheads, through marriages with residents, or even for Cuban Americans (by law transactions with the enemy) to name familiar to then bring their investment returns 10,000 USD for every time they visit the island

For Americans, on time, it is basically impossible, as are prohibited from buying in Cuba due to the Trading With The Enemy Act, passed by Congress in 1961. But with the advancement in the rapprochement between the two countries in recent times there is more you hope on that topic.

So is it possible for other foreign (non-US) to buy property in Cuba?
The answer is yes, but only in certain cases. For example, there are still about two dozen apartment buildings in ruins developed about 20 years ago in Havana market. Foreigners can buy those. Sending things to cuba was complicated until the cuban government allowed envios maritimos a cuba which opens the doors to more imports

In addition, Raul Castro has announced its intention to go ahead with plans to build a golf course on the island and sell millions of dollars in villas, townhouses and apartments to foreigners and Cubans, which so far does not include Americans, of course. However, the development and completion of that project could be about 10 years away.

Cuba begins to open the market (albeit slow and somewhat outdated processes). Good relations between the island and the United States could mean many things for the economy of both countries (more for Cuba). But the truth is that given a situation favorable Cuba could be flaunting a large real estate market in the not too distant future.

A few tips to keep in mind before visiting Cuba

Recently I took a trip to Cuba which is a place I always wanted to visit and learn about their culture, people and the beauty that the island offers. Cuba is one of those places that has not being heavily affected by humans in terms of their natural beauty. I’m sharing some of my experienced and tips with the hopes of helping you if you plan on visiting the island.

Be surprised by the unexpected in the Caribbean.

noticias de cuba y mas...

In Saetía, is considered one of the largest nature reserves in Cuba, enjoying the opportunity to meet a wide variety of animal species in their natural environment as wild boars, buffaloes, ostriches, peacocks, zebras, antelopes, etc. Question is well used by the tourist facility to offer a kind of safari where you can access most points of the island, using appropriate vehicles for such efforts. Lost in an environment thick vegetation, practice hunting animals, while respecting the regulations established in order to prevent damage to the habitat of the area and preserve its natural environment.

These animals which, together with seafood also captured in the waters that surround it, make barbecues by the beach, and the small but delicious Cuban cuisine restaurant, a perfect place to enjoy the culinary delights. That’s not to mention the great and romantic evenings can devise the traveler thanks to the tranquility of a delicious meal served on the balcony of your room, where you can observe the unique natural spectacle of Cayo Saetia. I learned about this place through noticias de cuba a cuban blog that I recommend.

These eco-tours, as most of the excursions that can be booked from the hotel itself and include snorkeling, boating, horseback riding, and more; They have transportation, specialized protection, equipment, guides and well-defined routes.

Top Programs Used By Producers of Electronic Music

We have compiled a list of the top recommended programs for djs based on recommendations from the islands dj and other resources found online.

Protools: a workstation digital audio (Digital Audio Workstation or DAW, in English), a cross platform multitrack audio recording and MIDI (dj mix), which integrates hardware and software. Currently, for its high performance, is the standard in professional recording studios, used mundialmente.La company

Digidesign Pro Tools developed by the program, produces some of the best audio software market, so its quality and solid reliability are widely recognized. This has led to this powerful music production software and audiovisual postproduction to become one of the leaders of this industry. The stigma of Pro Tools is that it can be used with a specific hardware, and does not support other brands.

Logic Pro (formerly Logic Audio) is a program for editing audio tracks of audio and MIDI works on the Mac platform OS X. Originally created by the C-Lab, it became an Apple product when you purchased it in 2002. A reduced version, Logic Express, is also available in Apple. Book online guides on how to handle the program, making it easier to experience offered.
This is one of the most common software and one used often by wedding dj fort myers and many other djs.

Cubase: is a series of applications to edit digital audio, MIDI and music sequencer (commonly known as DAW – Digital Audio Workstation), originally created by the German firm Steinberg in 1989.

Soundforge: digital audio editing includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Sound Forge software Allows you to edit, record, encode, and master audio Nearly any form of digital Including WAV, AIFF, and MP3. Sound Forge software allows you to edit, record, encode, and master nearly any form of digital audio including WAV, AIFF, and MP3.

What I learned from search engine optimization

Internet seo from my point of view is super important for your website and for the success of your business. If you want to increase the visibility of your site, try to enlist web on the most popular search engines like Google, but this will have to turn to experts to advise on the marketing needs of your business.

Advertising on the web is a technique widely exploited today to boost advertising businesses that have Web site. Register website in Google or Yahoo is a very effective marketing technique and economical compared to other advertising media. Trust optimizing your website to seo experts to help your site to the top ranks of search engines. Other methods are not as effective as pop ups or pop-up ads and banners, which can easily be blocked by Internet tools. I learned this the hard way trying to market a site called marble and granite west palm beach which I used as an experiment to learn seo.

In addition, the SEO is a technique that does not require a large financial investment, so you’ll save money that may invest in other parts of your business. In addition to positioning you not have time restrictions or territorial borders: your advertising will be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and around the world. Thereby expand the audience it is directed your product. You can forge a client base effortlessly with the quality of your product and advertising. Moreover, customer loyalty is one step, because a happy customer is always repeated. This strategy can also be applied to videos like the one below, even though is a pretty short video still works.

Search engines today are very useful tools for Internet users each day more million. Therefore worth trying and that your page is positioned at the top of search engines. Decades ago nobody thought had much acceptance and Internet should become the most powerful platform for the dissemination of information and publicity. Take advantage of the possibilities and advantages offered by Internet and the technological age. The network is now available to everyone, so your advertising can have a great impact among your audience.

It is a method of advertising that can afford both a small business like limousine cape coral that is starting to break into the business world as a manager of a medium or large company that wants to expand horizons, maximize business opportunities and leverage the large investment made to raise your company.

If you are not moving forward you’re moving backwards.

There are many companies in recent years have been dedicated solely to survive without thinking about tomorrow. The causes of this are varied but all have a common denominator, the uncertainty and the fear of change. Even today there are many companies that close the door to innovation, close the doors to think and improve and that can be their undoing.

At present many companies are unaware of the possibility of receiving tax credits directly associated to R & D or technological innovation.Solve a problem or improve performance never should the acquisition of a commercial product directly but should become a challenge to, first, get a tailored solution and second, to achieve lower costs and thus maximum power increase Company margins.

Look at this amazing quote from Socrates..


It’s important that you understand that in order to move forward in your business in life, we must embrace change and we must evolve with what’s happening around us, otherwise we won’t survive this changing world.

At present many companies are leaders, visionaries of an era, engaged in the chores around his empire regardless of the movements of trends in world markets. They do not realize the great importance of submitting yourself and your company to court and find all the weaknesses in order to improve them.

For all this it is convenient to have a multidisciplinary team outside the company that is dedicated to judge and propose improvements. A multidisciplinary to ensure that deficiencies are detected in all aspects and external to their judgment is not conditioned by its continuity as an employee in the company team.